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  • Supervise candidates during exam sessions. 
  • Assist the Supervisor and IT Proctor(s) at the exam centre. 
  • Ensure exam rules are adhered to. 
  • Ensure the security and safekeeping of exam materials. 

All contractors will be required to attend meetings and complete ongoing training. 

Hourly, contracted for each exam session.


Invigilators report directly to the exam Supervisor during an exam. For all other contract related processes an invigilator will work with the Exam Contractor Management Team. 


Applicants apply online by answering questions, and reviewing an introduction video, and submitting a resume. The questions and resume help CPAWSB staff ensure requirements for the role are met and the video outlines the responsibilities of the role so applicants can determine whether the position is a good fit.  

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During Stage 2, applicants become prospective contractors and are assigned a contractor ID and given partial access to the Contractor Platform (D2L). 

Prospective contractors are required to complete additional training along with tasks to ensure they have a more detailed understanding of the exam processes and the invigilator role. After completing the training and tasks, prospective contractors automatically gain access to Stage 3. 

In Stage 3, prospective contractors gain full access to the Contractor Platform (D2L), with additional resources and exam specific information and are eligible to receive contracts. 

All prospective contractors are assigned a seasoned contractor for at least two exam sessions. The seasoned contractor will assist with any questions, and will evaluate the prospective contractor’s performance. 

Individuals successfully completing this stage are added to the CPAWSB contractor pool. 

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