Services and Assistance

Jun 27, 2018

Below we outline some of the support you have access to during your time as a learner at the School including tutors, study groups, and other short-term resources.

Course and module tutors

If you feel like you need additional academic support in a course or module, the School connects learners with tutors. For CPA preparatory course students, the information about the tutors is posted on Brightspace (News section), so you can see it once you log in to your learning portal. If you are interested in getting a tutor for your course, you can request the tutor contact information list. For CPA PEP candidates, an email with a list of tutors is sent out approximately one week prior to the session start date.

There are a few tutors on that list, teaching different courses/modules. You will then need to reach out to the tutor of your choice. Anything beyond this point is between you and the tutor; the School do not set up tutoring fees, nor are we in charge of collecting the fees.

CPA preparatory course study groups

If you are a student in a core course, you have the option to form study groups with your peers. This is only available to the core course students because the non-core courses do not have fixed start dates.

During the first week of your semester in a core course, you are invited to participate in a study group survey, where you can share your contact information and location. After the survey is closed, you receive a list of students who participated in the survey and expressed interest in forming a study group. The list is sorted by location and contains the name and email of everyone who submitted their information.

Often there are a few students living in smaller communities who are too far away from the rest of their potential group to meet face-to-face. We encourage you to reach out to them as a virtual group can work well. Once you receive the list, it’s up to you to contact other students and form a group, either in-person or online.

CPA PEP study groups

Approximately two weeks before each session, a survey will be issued to all registered candidates, including those registered for the examinations only, inviting people to opt into being included on a “study buddy” list. On this survey, you agree to some privacy-related terms and indicate your location and module (this is used to match people in similar modules).

If you completed the survey, a list of names and email addresses for everyone who opted in will sent one week before the session start date. From there, it is up to you to connect with other candidates, whether online or in person. We encourage you to reach out to those in remote locations to form virtual groups.

Provincial Resources for students and candidates

Some provinces offer mental health and other resources to students and candidates requiring short-term assistance. Check out the provincial websites below to find out what is available in your area.


CPA Alberta

CPA Saskatchewan

CPA Manitoba