Getting Ready for Workshops

Aug 9, 2017

In-person CPA PEP module workshops are designed to help candidates discuss course material, develop enabling competencies, and network and interact with other CPA candidates. Below we outline how to prepare for them.


Attending all module workshops is mandatory for all CPA PEP candidates and attendance is required to write the module-end exam. Schedules, including workshop and exam dates, are available approximately one year in advance, so consider work and personal obligations before registering for a module.

The session leader will note late arrivals each morning and after breaks. You may be required to complete make-up assignments if you miss a substantial part of the workshop.

Workshop Accommodations

CPA Canada accepts a limited number of reasons for missing part or all of a workshop. Request accommodations for medical or religious reasons through My CPA Portal; you may need to provide proof of circumstance to

The accommodation fee is currently $305 and is required for all requests. It may be refunded for an extenuating circumstance backed up by supporting documentation.

Accommodations will not be provided for circumstances such as: vacations, claims of unknown location or time of workshop, business trips, etc. If you miss a workshop without an acceptable extenuating circumstance, you may be considered to have attempted the module.

What to Bring

You are expected to log into D2L before the workshop to complete the pre-workshop work and bring this to participate in activities and discussions. There may not be internet access available during the workshop, so bring a laptop with the workshop material downloaded from D2L.

The workshop dress code is business-casual. You do not have to dress up but must look clean and presentable.

Where to Go

When you register for the module, you select your workshop location from one of several centers across western Canada. The specific venues will be posted on the CPAWSB website approximately two weeks before each session and can also be found in D2L under the ‘news’ section on your module homepage.

At the Workshop

The workshop learning environment encourages discussion, including debate with other candidates or the session leader. Nonetheless, you are expected to always be respectful. If you are unsure whether you are being respectful, err on the side of caution and follow up with the session leader during a break or at the end of the day.

Limit distractions, such as cell phone conversations, texting, social media, etc. to outside the room, and only during scheduled breaks. If you need to deal with an emergency, leave the room to avoid distracting the cohort.

If you are being disrespectful or demonstrating unprofessional behaviour that disrupts the learning environment, you will be asked to leave the room and the session leader will discuss it with you at the next break. Depending on the nature of the disruption, you may be subject to penalties of make-up assignments, denying workshop credit, or paying a fine.

If you have any questions about CPA PEP workshops, contact