CPA Preparatory Course Scheduling

May 9, 2018

With multiple entry points and core and non-core courses, there is a lot to think about when planning your CPA preparatory course schedule.

Below we outline the prerequisites required to schedule courses, a recommended order to take the courses, and information on core and non-core courses.


The only academic prerequisite to enroll in CPA preparatory courses is one of the following:

  • One year (30 credits) of post-secondary study in any discipline from a diploma or degree program at a recognized post-secondary institution, or
  • Three years of relevant work experience, which includes exposure to accounting and/or finance functions.
  • If you have either of these requirements, submit a transcript assessment request to confirm which CPA preparatory courses you need to complete.

Course order

Officially, you can take the courses in any order provided you have completed their prerequisites. However, and especially if you are taking several CPA preparatory courses, we recommend you work through the courses by starting with one of the two entry points listed on the visual guide on the CPAWSB website.

It is also important to select and schedule courses with your personal schedule in mind. Consult the Preparatory Course Schedule to verify course and exam schedules to avoid any conflicts.

Non-core vs. Core Courses

The non-core courses are introductory accounting and general business courses and are entirely self-study. Core courses are intermediate and advanced accounting courses and are offered with self-study or classroom/live webinar sessions.

To better understand the differences between core and non-core courses, the length of the courses, and what you can expect in each, check out our past post explaining the Difference Between Core and Non-Core CPA Preparatory Courses.

CPA preparatory course advising

Our advising team is always available to assist you in course planning by helping you select the appropriate courses, informing you of the maximum course selection and giving you information about receiving your course materials. Email your question or set up a phone call at