Fast-Track Scheduling in CPA PEP

Apr 4, 2018

CPAWSB offers fast-track scheduling for core and elective CPA PEP modules. With fast-track scheduling, you can take the two core modules concurrently, and if you pass both core modules, you can take two elective modules concurrently. The capstone modules are not offered concurrently.

What to Consider

Time commitment:

  • Fast-track scheduling allows you to complete the core or elective modules at an accelerated pace by taking two modules in the same session. However, you are still required to complete at least 30 months of practical experience to meet the CPA practical experience requirements.

Work load:

  • You are required to follow the same submission deadlines as candidates enrolled in standard paced modules. There are no separate “fast-track-only” cohorts.
  • You should expect to spend between 25 and 40 hours per week on assignments. With that in mind, we strongly discourage you from working full time when completing two core or elective modules together. Discuss with your employer whether fast-track scheduling is appropriate in your circumstances.

Core or elective modules only:

  • Fast-track scheduling is only available for two core or two elective modules. It is not available for the capstone modules or for taking one core and one elective module together.
  • You can choose fast-track scheduling for the elective modules without having followed fast-track scheduling for the core modules.

Fast Track registration

To fast track the core modules, register in Core 1 and then email for the necessary special registration rights required to register in Core 2. You can only “fast track” registration when you have registered for Core 1.

To fast track elective modules, there is no special registration right required and you do not need to notify the School. However, not all combinations of elective modules work; check the exam schedule to ensure there are no exam conflicts for the electives you want to fast track.

If you change your mind and decide to withdraw from a module, the same withdrawal policy applies for fast-track and standard-module scheduling and will be outlined in your registration confirmation email.

Looking for more information about fast-track scheduling? This post compares fast-track and other scheduling options and additional information is available on the School’s website.