Academic Integrity: Reporting Plagiarism

Jul 4, 2018

Academic Integrity is taken very seriously at the School because of the strong link between academic integrity and professional integrity. Someone who is willing to take a shortcut while preparing an assignment may be more likely to compromise ethical standards as a professional. If you feel like your work may have been plagiarized, it is best to report it rather than turn a blind eye.

Below we outline your options for reporting plagiarism, why it is important to report potential cases, and highlight additional resources.

What should you do if you feel that you work is being/ has been plagiarized?

The Turnitin software used to process assignments will typically catch any matches to other learners’ work, CPA solutions, online sources. However, if you believe your work has been plagiarised, you should contact your facilitator right away and/or module services and begin the reporting process.

How can you safely and ethically report plagiarism?

If you are currently in a course or module and want to report plagiarism, you should first contact your facilitator and provide as much information as possible about the situation (name of the learner(s) involved, assignments/documents in question, if the material was obtained with or without permission). If you are not comfortable approaching your facilitator or you are not taking a course or module, send an email to module services (CPA preparatory course students: CPA PEP candidates: and they will direct the information to the appropriate department to investigate. Regardless of how you choose to report plagiarism, anonymity will be guaranteed.

Why is reporting plagiarism important?

Reporting plagiarism helps ensure that credit is appropriately given to those who put the time and effort into the assignment and that the integrity of CPA education is protected. Ethical behaviour is a cornerstone of the profession. Learners are held to high standards by the profession and as future CPAs, learners should hold each other to the same standard.

Looking for more information? Familiarize yourself with the CPA Canada Plagiarism PolicyHarmonized Education Policies (CPA HEP) for Preparatory courses and CPA PEP, and review your training contract that is agreed to prior to enrolling in a course/module.